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emerging player for the new india

shyam telecom recently got the telecom license , and is now heading towards making its presence felt in the indian market by aiming at larger share of indian telecom market.

though previously shyam was working mainly in rajasthan circle but now after getting a pan india licence it is aiming big. and is ready to expand its network across india.

shyam telecom currently offers CDMA based wireless and wireline services under the name rainbow in rajasthan circle but now its expanding to other parts of the country, the russian giant company named sistema has already acquired 72% stack of shyam telecom making it main shareholder of the company this is good for expansion of the company as well as for investments and funds.

shyam telecom recently got startup spectrum for offering CDMA services over 12 circles over 16 states these includes , tamil nadu , west bengal ,andra pradesh , uttar pradesh (east) uttar pradesh (west) , himachal pradesh , madhya pradesh , bihar , haryana .

sistema is now planning to invest aroung $7 billion over the next three years for building the network.

shyam telecom is also exploring Rs 50 billion deal with reliance telecom infrastructure limited(RTIL) for over ten years.under this shyam telelink would offer mobile services by riding on RTIL’s infrastructure both passive and active for ten years.which will help in easy operation without setting up its own network. shyam is now designed a plan for targeting for having subscriber base of 60 million and a 9% share of wireless market , it seems that shyam is looking for the future race.


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india still waiting for 3g

  • i still remember 2 years ago the name 3g was like a thunder struck in air everyone was waiting to see what its all about.

but after 2 years of that thunder still we are waiting to see 3g in india,this is just happening becouse of many internal reason which india is facing , these problem are as much as i understood the spectrum problem is not yet cleared . TRAI and TDSAT both are keeping a close eye on this issue , which spectrum to allocate and when is not been clear yet , if foreign players are allowed or not these issues are yet to be solved on the important basis so for this purpose its obviously more advisable for the people of india to juast wait for some more time may be soon within this year we can see the rolling of 3g in india and high speed will be at our hands. till then just wait and watch the developments

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Reuse of 900MHz frequency for better 3G coverage.

In france the mobile company ARCEP is thinking about planning to develope its current 3G network. by offering consumers more mobile access and to speed up the internet connectivity by several kbits/sec.

The french government wants to expand the 3G network in such way that it should reach every home.

therefore arcap is modifying orange france , and SFR’S authorisations in order to deploy UMTS technology in metropolitan france , in the 900MHz band which is currently used for  GSM.

for more detail:


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3g to india

i was just thinking there is a lot of shouting in the market that 3g is coming but i still dont understand is it going to give the results as expected.

or may be it will blow as a bomb with lot of noise and then subside.

may be time will only tell the truth about it , becouse so many private players are bidding on it.

abroad countries a keeping an eye on this and a lot is happening.

TRAI is doing a tuff job by keeping a stability on this issues  and giving the results.

but only in the end its the consumer who has the last and most important decision , so just wait and watch

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GAN has arrived

yeaterday i was thinking to write a post at, that moment through my attempt to search something i came across GAN(generic access network) , it is a mobile system which allows seamless roaming and hand over between local area network and wide area network.

to read more about it:


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govt looking at trai’s recommendation for FM radio

govt said that it is looking at the matter told by trai about giving permition to fm radio channels to broadcast news .

for more detail:


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small firms are watching for 3g

small firms in india are keeping a close eye for providing new technologies for 3g telecommunication services.

 they are eyeing on the $20 billion telecom ict spend in india.

a big time for india is coming.

read more here:


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days of past weeks

the days of my past weeks i was busy with my movie blog (akhilmovies.blogspot.com)

so i didnt get time for telecom blog but  from now i am fully  concentrating on this .

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rolling out of 3g mobile phones in india

it is being confirmed that  3g mobile phones are to be launched in a common basis in india , by september of 2008

mainly the major players are reliance and bharti who are bidding on this new venture ,

so next time i suppose even a vegetable seller will also  browse internet to know about the prices of vegetables, this will be the situation.

The main reason for this is the low cost handsets which are going to be launched by the big major players.

so wait and watch.

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rethinking on spectrum allocation by indian government

on recommendation of TRAI the government is rethinking the process  to expedite the TRAI’s recommendation for mechanism and pricing of spectrum .

this is done to allow spectrum for 3g and wimax ,as the growth of broadband is slow in india so government should act on the criteria of spectrum allocation and think about the growth of indian telecom sector. 

only time will tell what decision the government is going to take.

for more information log on to: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India_Business/Speed_up_spectrum_allocation_TRAI/articleshow/2668987.cms

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