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india still waiting for 3g

  • i still remember 2 years ago the name 3g was like a thunder struck in air everyone was waiting to see what its all about.

but after 2 years of that thunder still we are waiting to see 3g in india,this is just happening becouse of many internal reason which india is facing , these problem are as much as i understood the spectrum problem is not yet cleared . TRAI and TDSAT both are keeping a close eye on this issue , which spectrum to allocate and when is not been clear yet , if foreign players are allowed or not these issues are yet to be solved on the important basis so for this purpose its obviously more advisable for the people of india to juast wait for some more time may be soon within this year we can see the rolling of 3g in india and high speed will be at our hands. till then just wait and watch the developments


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