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3g to india

i was just thinking there is a lot of shouting in the market that 3g is coming but i still dont understand is it going to give the results as expected.

or may be it will blow as a bomb with lot of noise and then subside.

may be time will only tell the truth about it , becouse so many private players are bidding on it.

abroad countries a keeping an eye on this and a lot is happening.

TRAI is doing a tuff job by keeping a stability on this issues  and giving the results.

but only in the end its the consumer who has the last and most important decision , so just wait and watch


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small firms are watching for 3g

small firms in india are keeping a close eye for providing new technologies for 3g telecommunication services.

 they are eyeing on the $20 billion telecom ict spend in india.

a big time for india is coming.

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